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Weekly Update #1

Note: I currently have zero sponsorships or affiliations but will happily link to where I purchased products that I love so you can enjoy too!

In an effort to set myself up for success in regards to my goal of writing more consistently, I've challenged myself to post at least once per week with an update of what I've accomplished or worked on during the past week. This should also make the review at the end of the year easier and more accurate since I'll just have to go through the weeks to refresh my memory on what was going on when.

The New Year started off with thoughts of saving money for me. As I was putting laundry away on New Year's Day, I found that many (count 'em, three) of my boyfriend's Tee shirts had holes right in the armpit. Feeling high, mighty and frugally righteous, I pulled out an old sewing repair kit that I must have purchased a decade or more ago and never used. I am no seamstress, but those tee shirts are now repaired! Since the holes were in the armpits, you can barely see that I didn't have exactly matching thread and I totally feel like a frugal badass! I plan to continue making repairs to our clothing and I'm looking forward to improving my skill set in this department. I will keep an eye out for any sewing courses offered in the area since it's become somewhat of an interest of mine to make things out of textiles (I recently learned to crochet).

Mother Earth sent us a holiday gift in the form of 50 degree days for the weekend. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent as much time as I could outside, cleaning up in the old garden and planning for this coming gardening season. One area that is a constant source of irritation for me is my chicken run. Anyone that has chickens knows that if you lock them up in one area, it won't be long before you have no grass at all in that area. Chickens are great for bug control, but horribly destructive to plants in general. In the past two years, I haven't really worried about it because I've free ranged my flock. But recently, I've suffered some significant losses due to predation and now I only allow my flock to free range when I am home. So they get locked into a large run during the week while I work.

I took a small garden bed made out of wood and stapled some extra chicken wire to the top. I sprinkled some oats into the planter and watered. Oats are a cold weather crop, but I'm not sure if anything will sprout since it's supposed to get cold again next week. If anything does sprout, the chickens and ducks will have some oat grass to munch on to pass the time. I have a few more planters to put in there and I'm planning to plant a ton of edible plants for the flock in their run to help keep them occupied when they are locked up.

Wednesday I received a shipment of mealworms from here. Mealworms are a tasty, protein rich treat for the birds, but are super expensive at the feed store. I've done quite a bit of research on farming my own and it seems easy enough, so this week I've begun the process of providing at least some of my flock's food. One thing I have to say, I'm used to dealing with dead mealworms in a bag as a chicken treat. Whole different story when they are alive and squirming about. There's just something unsettling about a moving ball of oatmeal. I'll get used to it in time, I'm sure.

My newly arrived meal worms in their bran bedding

All in all, this has been a great first week of the year! I've kept to my saving goals by not eating out at all during the work week and I got a small head start on some garden projects. Let me know in the comments how your first week of the New Year went!

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