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Weekly update #2

In week #2 I learned that the only thing slow about "slow living" is the rate at which tasks get done. To continue with my goals of frugality and to up the ante to include goals for health and eating less sugar (more on that in another post), I spent the weekend meal prepping. On Sunday I cut and processed a ton of veggies that I had bought at the farmers market: I made salads and pre-cut veggies for stir fries. I actually came up with a loose plan of what my partner and I would eat for the week. I was radically domestic.

I love salads. It’s like a work of art in a bowl

Every single scrap of food I ate all week long was stuff that I made. From scratch. I didn't get around to baking any bread so we went without. I took salads and left overs to work for lunch. I used my pre cut veggies and freshly laid eggs to make omlettes, scrambles and wraps for breakfast.

My basic breakfast: the breakfast stir fry. Eggs & veggies fried up with shredded cheese on top

While I felt better and had a noticeable increase in overall energy, it felt like all I did was wash dishes and cook food. I woke up earlier in the morning to make breakfast and get the dishes done from the previous night. As soon as I got home from work, it was another round of dishes from breakfast followed by cooking dinner. The kitchen became my main hangout in the house.

I guess it all comes down to how much is your health and money worth to you when the currency is time? My main goal is to save money so I pay in time by cooking and processing my own food. One way or another, life is expensive. It really opened my eyes and gave me a glimpse of my possible future if I manage to meet my goals. If my end goal is to be 90% food self sufficient for my household which includes all of my animals as well, I'm looking at transitioning to become a full time farmer and basically "farm wife". And I'm not 100% sure it's even possible for one person to achieve that kind of success alone (I'm not alone, but my homesteading goals are my own and not shared by the boyfriend who helps in any way he can but it's ultimately my dream, not his). It's a lot to think about and for now I intend to continue down this path of exploring frugality and self sufficiency, but I'm definitely having second thoughts on how far I want to take things. Farming ain't easy and I do have bills to pay so unless I can make an income from my homestead, I'll have to keep a regular job so I'll have less time to spend. Ugh! Modern life is so complicated, isn't it?

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