We are committed to providing our customers with organic, earth friendly products and services. Whether you are starting your own organic garden, or looking for healthy, organic, local produce and meat products, we have something for everyone!  

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Subscription Boxes

Purchase a Subscription Box to get fresh, in season produce and meat products delivered to your door!  Customize your box based on diet, family size and frequency of delivery.

Homesteading Supplies

If you're starting your own homestead, we've got what you need to get off to a great start! From seeds and seedlings, to compost and livestock, we've got what you need to get set up for success!


Got questions?  We have answers!  We host a variety of workshops each year to help you in your homesteading journey.  From meat processing to cooking classes, we've got you covered.  If you have a question and can't find a workshop on our list or can't find the answer in our blog, just shoot us an email and we will happily address your issues!